KC O’Day

Hi! I’m KC, a cat mom who lives in the country with 4 chonky kitties, named Piwacket, Owen, Velveeta, and Leona. They’re all rescues and it’s one of my greatest joys to spoil them! They even have their own catio, and pretty much anything else they want. Critters are one of my greatest passions; I love them all: finned, feathered, or furry, and spent many years volunteering at Mending Hearts Animal Rescue. If you want to appreciate your life more, do some volunteering, especially at an animal rescue. It’ll change and inspire you. Radio seems to be in my blood. I was born in the ‘burgh, grew up in Hollidaysburg, and fell in love with radio when I was just a kid. Got a little radio for one of my birthdays and fell asleep with it on my pillow every night! I love make-up, books, cooking competitions, music, clothes,  documentaries, Stranger Things (even though I usually don’t watch scary movies!), astrology, and the numbers 42 and 11. My goal every day is to have a chat that makes you smile or gives you something to think about.